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Poetry has been the mirror in which the author has found their soul when life present’s its blessings and challenges since they were 9 years old. Countless journals are filled with words of letting go, words of hope, and words of praise.

Moving from the remnants of a life shattered by loss and the ghosts of childhood to the rediscovery of awe, purpose, and a stronger understanding of faith as love in action, their latest volume, Phoenix Landed, renews the fires of the heart that spur personal and social revolutions.  From these experiences, the author published 2 book under their birth name, H. Adela Wilcox.

The author’s first volume was acclaimed as an intimate and moving peek at the emotional milestones of rediscovery through which all must travel.  Their second volume continues this tradition, as the cycles of life spiral inward and expand outward, creating a deeper sense of purpose and compassion.

Current reviews for this volume acclaim “Here are poems that connect you to your heart space, that are clear as a bell, never obscure for the sake of obscurity, and free of pretense. There is an honesty in these poems that shines through like sunlight through a break in the clouds. Just as the Phoenix is a symbol of rebirth, reading Phoenix Landed will awaken your sense. Enjoy! James Lee Jobe“, and “H. Adela Wilcox traces delicate maps of discovery, of healing and empowerment. Box canyons and quicksands of the mind are clearly marked. The Poet invites us to follow. Robert Lee Haycock“.

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In this inspirational compilation of their first two self-published chapbooks; Whispers In the Dark and Chrysalis, you will take a journey of emotion and finish the book with a sense of renewed faith in life.

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Other reviews include:

A Review by Robert Lee Haycock, Poet, Photographer, Philosopher

“Chrysalis Whispers”
by H. Adela Wilcox

“When was the last time you saw divinity in
-the person on the corner, conversing with
from “Introspection”

H. Adela Wilcox’s collection of poems “Chrysalis Whispers” is the meticulous logbook of a spiritual explorer, the thorough-going notebook of a soulful experimenter.
Although they never shy away from the dark or from pain, there is a constant resort to grace and recognition of enduring blessing in these poems that humbles me.

Another Review by Joseph Svogar, Tivoli Theatre Restoration Project, Bohemian Players

Chrysalis Whispers by Adela Wilcox brings to mind that poetry is the human soul speaking to itself. Del has captured this with a sense of purpose not often found in modern poets. While sometimes edgy and raw with emotion, all of the poems in this book offer a glimpse into the soul of the writer. From birth to death this collection gives the reader joy, tears, and hope, mostly hope.