Expressive ARTS

Expressive arts differ from aesthetic arts in that they convey a message or hold personal meaning to the artist. Expressive arts are used in art therapy to help people work through emotional issues, trauma, and more. The key to expressive arts is the process and it’s meaning to the artist, not aesthetic perfection.

Expressive arts used in conjunction with Narrative Therapy allows art therapists to help clients re-author their stories in ways that are meaningful and empowering.

My current pieces combine poetry, painting, and collage that represent various aspects of my life story.

Sprout, Mixed media painting on Canvas. Prints available.
Deep Roots, Mixed media painting on Canvas. Prints Available.

Integration. Mixed media painting on Canvas. Prints available.

Healing the Shadow. Mixed media painting on Canvas. Prints Available.

Self Compassion, Oil on Canvas. Prints available.

Embracing the Shadow, Mixed Media Painting on Canvas. Prints available.

Passion, Mixed Collage on Canvas. Prints available.

Passion Imprisoned, Mixed Media Painting on Canvas. Prints Available

ALL Bodies are Beautiful series on body diversity, Oil on canvas. Prints available.

Oil on Canvas Painting and Mixed Media Collage series on Emotions and States of Being.  Prints available here.

Expansion series on a 20-year-old painting, working on Trauma-related nightmares and post-traumatic growth. Mixed media collage with Acrylic, original poetry and feathers. Accompanying poetry can be found at Musings here.  Prints of Guardian Angel available here.

Mixed media collage with poetry series.  Poetree at Dawn and Poetree at Dusk Poems available in Musings here. Swirled Thoughts Poems available in Musings here. Piece sold.

Corporate Fascism: Mixed Media Collage. More information on this piece Here.

Fishing for answers… Acrylic painting with mixed media collage. Original sold, prints available here.

Fishing for Answers Watermark

Wellness clocks and plaque series.  Custom orders available for sale here..

Oil Painting on Canvas. Self Compassion: Parenting the Inner Child. Accompanying poem in Musings here.

Oil Painting on Canvas, superimposed with poem. Hole in the Wall. Poem can be found in Musings here.

Mixed media Memorial Collage, Jack. Private collection.

Mixed Media Memorial Collage, Roots. Private Collection.

Mixed Media Autobiographical Collage for Therapeutic Art assignment. Private Collection.