One More Day

Time Was, I had no doubt that you loved me The only way you knew how Because I loved you the only way I knew. But I didn’t know how to hear What you didn’t know how to say, And I filled in the blanks with my deepest desires and fears, While trying to hold…

Self Compassion: A New Expressive Arts Piece

What I know about growth is that it takes the time it takes. We can’t force it. We can’t jump ahead in the line. We have to start where we are, with acceptance that we don’t know whatever it is that we don’t know yet. And when we know better, we do better. It really…

A new concept expressive arts piece

Here is a new expressive arts piece based on the theme of swirling thoughts.  This piece is a mixed media collage with 3 poems, below. 

Please visit my expressive arts page here.

Expressive arts and post-traumatic growth.

This set is an expansion series on a 20-year-old painting depicting post-traumatic growth using mixed media collage with Acrylic, original poetry and feathers. The original painting was from a recurring nightmare that I’d had most of my life where the person in the dream had no face. When I painted it, I wanted to turn…

Two new expressive arts works and new page.

Here are two new expressive art pieces… both mixed media collage with poetry.  Poetree at Dawn… Grounding Thoughts, and Poetree at Dusk… Peace. I have created a new page for this site for my expressive arts pieces here. Poems that accompany these pieces posted below: Grounding Thoughts Sometimes, our pain is so great that the…


In a world where double-speak, hidden meaning, and the panoptic lens of social media demand our loyalty in 280-character soundbytes and memes, I find my center by stepping away from the desire to be seen, understood, accepted by others and instead seek these from myself.

The Game

Love is the only freedom that allows us to be fully human with one another


Some days we feel helpless
against the tide of lists and details 
which plague our existence
our livelihoods
our thoughts