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Del at the MicThe Mixtape Sessions, previously named Ineffable,  is an eclectic music show on KVMR (89.5fm in Nevada City, California), featured every other Saturday Night from 10pm-Midnight, PST.  The Mixtape Sessions feature conscious, heartwarming, fun, and sometimes crazy music and spoken word from all genres as well as interviews.  See below for more info.

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I am making the difficult decision to let go of this show, with a final show date of May 21st, 2022. As much as I enjoy having a show, as I have started a new leg of my career and am focused heavily on finishing my licensing requirements, I am finding it too difficult to manage the demands of producing a biweekly show.
I would prefer to focus on quality over quantity, and to this end, I hope to bring the show back to a better day and time once I have finished the demands of my licensure requirements in my career. In the meantime, I plan on continuing to produce a few specific social-justice-oriented specials each year that will continue to be announced on this page.
My next show will be focused on Transgender Day of Visibility, airing March 26th, and I will be airing a National Poetry Month special in April, and 3 more music shows with themes as yet to be determined.
Thank you for your support over the years. I look forward to seeing you on the radio with focused specials in th

2021 Interviews and Highlights

  • Show Name Change Daytime Special- 2/9/21
  • Transgender Day of Visibility Music Special- 3/27/21

2020 Interviews and Highlights

  • Transgender Day of Remembrance Music Special- 11/21/20
  • Labor Day Music Special- 9/7/20
  • Pride Special Music Special- 6/20/20
  • Black Lives Matter Music Special- 6/6/20
  • Transgender Day of Visibility Music Special with special guest in studio KC Shane- 3/28/20
  • Love Eternal Interview and Live Performance in studio- 2/1/20

2019 Interviews and Highlights:

  • Crys Matthews House Concert & Live Broadcast in KVMR Community Room- 2/17/19
  • Transgender Day of Visibility Music Special- 3/30/19
  • 2019’s Poetry Special- featured Poet Laureates Indigo Moore, Kim Shuck, James Lee Jobe, Molly Fisk, and Michael Gorman.  Also featuring area favorites Maxima Khan, Margo Stebbing, Bill Gainer, Kirsten Casey, Lorraine Webb, Robert Lee Haycock, and Ana Sagebiel on 4/12/19
  • LGBTQ+ Pride Music Special- 6/8/19
  • Producer & Live Broadcast of 50th Anniversary Woodstock Reimagined Benefit Concert for KVMR- 7/20/19
  • Dirty Cello House Concert in KVMR Community Room- 12/15/19

2018 Interviews and Highlights:

  • Lauren Mayer Comedy- Interview 1/23/18
  • Andru DuFeye- Interview 4/23/18
  • KVMR/KOWS Poetry Special with local and regional poets Bill Gainer, Lorraine Webb, Andru Defeye, Kirsten Casey, Shawn Oddysey, Roo Cantada, Robert Lee Haycock, Michele Linfante, Uncle Dave Barsky, Kym Trippsmith, Eileen Hale, and Senna Fleming, aired live on KVMR and KOWS-LP on 4/29/18
  • Membership Drive Poetry Special featuring the poetry of Gary Snyder and Will Staple and various recorded artists, aired 5/9/18.
  • Producer & Live Broadcast of KVMR’s 40th Birthday Celebration Concert on 7/21/18

2017 Interviews and Highlights:

  • Cultivating Peace: Discussion with Frank McClain 1/4/17
  • The Union- Prospector On Air feature article 4/27/17
  • Pirate Radio Interview with Arnold Levine, aired 5/10/17
  • Producer 50th Anniversary Summer of Love Benefit Concert for KMVR- 7/8/17
  • Jeffrey Wanzer DuPra- Interview 11/5/17

2016 Interview and Highlights:

  • Michael Franti- from Punk to Pop Sunday Showcase Special 4/17/16
  • Caleb Dardick South Yuba River Citizens League Wild for the Yuba Event- Interview 6/3/16
  • Eliza Tudor and Don Harris NC Arts and Welcome Home Vets- Interview 6/3/16
  • Tommy Daly of Whee the People -Interview 8/19/16
  • Chris Jones and Michael Ben Ortiz- Live from Standing Rock -Interview 9/16/16
  • Janella Kirkman- Spirit Peer Empowerment Center- Interview 10/14/2016
KVMR Broadcaster Bio

Mixing Indie with Mainstream and Classics with Contemporary music to create a feeling through crossover music instead of a specific genre-based focus, Del brings you The Mixtape Sessions every other Saturday from 10 pm -Midnight.  The Mixtape Sessions are an eclectic mix of Roots Rock, Reggae, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop and Folk, with a smattering of other genres thrown in from time to time…  most shows feature conscious music with themes of Social Justice, Equality, life as LGBTQ+, and both Personal and Social Revolution.

Del came into broadcasting via the backdoor of volunteering, first joining the program committee as a community member. Since then, they have enjoyed working in outreach, the music library, on and at events, and currently serves on KVMR’s Board of Directors, with their first term on the board from 2016-2019.  Del served as Secretary to the Board from 2017-2019 and returns to that role for the 2020/21 FY.  They have been host to the regular Redeye Radio shows The Journey and the Blues Cafe, and to the early morning show, Ineffable, and are now the host of The Mixtape Sessions every other Saturday from 10pm-Midnight.   Del has an educational background in Sociology with a focus on LGBTQ+ & Gender Studies and holds an MSW with a focus on Adult Mental Health and Wellness and the intersections of Trauma and the LGBTQ+ community.  Del has worked in the field of social work and community activism for 15 years. Del appreciates the sheer diversity of programming, commitment to free speech, and independent news that are so unique to KVMR. Del feels that KVMR is a community beacon of resources, and is proud to be a part of this incredible group of people. KVMR has become an integral part of their life and an anchor to this incredible community.

“Be who you are, nothing more, nothing less, and let the beauty that you love be the very best.” ~M. Franti”

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