nobody knows that nobody’s right
nobody knows that nobody’s wrong
nobody, but grace
grace knows that pain is love imprisoned
speaking in mad tounges, facades of hate, and whispers of lucidity
answering prayers of faith lost in a sea of wishes and forgotten victories
nobody knows that nobody’s rich
nobody knows that nobody’s poor
nobody, but grace
grace knows that wealth is perception
skewed by a race for survival in concrete jungles and nature subdued
realized in the security of a life well lived and the surrender of love
nobody knows that nobody really dies
because grace has no body
because grace is everyone…
©2006HAWilcox All Rights Reserved

One Comment Add yours

  1. m says:

    greetings and blessings
    humble grace in your friendship and confidence
    love, love, love
    🙂 + 🙂 = 🙂


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