A new concept expressive arts piece

Here is a new expressive arts piece based on the theme of swirling thoughts.  This piece is a mixed media collage with 3 poems, below. 

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In a world where double-speak, hidden meaning, and the panoptic lens of social media demand our loyalty in 280-character soundbytes and memes, I find my center by stepping away from the desire to be seen, understood, accepted by others and instead seek these from myself.

The Game

Love is the only freedom that allows us to be fully human with one another


Some days we feel helpless
against the tide of lists and details 
which plague our existence
our livelihoods
our thoughts


We go through life, trying to catch our breath,
holding on, pushing harder…
yearning, reaching, grasping,
to quench our desire
in the bottomless well
of the depth of a human heart.

Artificial Lives

Sometimes we just need to see a hero cry before they pick themselves up and go on to save the day… but we prefer to seek hidden truths in cliche confusing revenge with justice facades with truth and righteousness with morality until our eyes are so damaged that we can’t see the rawness that makes…


Questions swirl in my mind Challenging beliefs Digging deeper To resurrect the ghosts in my own soul And purge those things With which I hold myself back. Einstein said that when the solution is simple, God is answering I silently wish for the bliss of knowing something so deeply that I don’t need to learn…


Peace is the flow of breath… the inhalation of potential, energy, and new ideas… the exhalation of acceptance, surrender, and a promise to improve upon our next endeavors.


April is National Poetry month.  This year, I have posted several raw and un-edited pieces.  As this month comes to a close, I post one that is still in draft form that began 9 months ago.  It has been re-worked and re-edited several times, and continues to be a work in progress.  This is the…


April is National Poetry Month.  This year I will be posting raw, un-edited pieces throughout the month.  Here is another piece. What a difference a moment can make. Grief can transform our perception Based on how we respond Ever individual as the relationship lost We can choose seize the moments we have left Or let…