where would we be, if love were dependent on the similarity of a belief, or a single action, word, or choice?
love does not distinguish between right and wrong
it is not a feeling or desire,
it does not see affilliation, identity, or any form at all
it is the recognition of that common light in the soul of all sentient beings
the most vulnerable place within
it is a fluid boundary, allowing access when the mind feels safe enough to expose itself
it is a choice to accept and forgive, over and over again
it is an action independent of the recipient’s reaction
it is that which seeks reconciliation amidst conflict
it is the source of the conviction and passion that drives the spirit forward
seeking the opportunity to understand
striving for balance and appreciation
of the wonder of life
a connection within that is expressed in many different forms of relationship
allowing us to know one another
in the purest form of compassion and celebration.

© 2010hawilcox

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