Eulogy for Authenticity

Why is it that in the current human experience
The spectrum of desire resonates so poignantly between hearts
While pain and loneliness weave rancid bandages of platitudes followed by neglect?
Or maybe you can explain to me
Why we agree on rules of etiquette and commerce that are enforced
by orderly, sadistic rituals of deprivation
Yet celebrate the weekly release from the chains of professional bondage with reckless abandon;
Games of greed, power and control
Perpetuated by illusions of convenience and service.
Carefully packaged slavery
As the masses commute to pedestrian oases that hold the promise
That the wares peddled within will provide an escape from mediocrity
With accessories that resemble the latest savior
Flaunting their sectarian Sabbath subscriptions of righteousness
While the natural rules of cause and effect continue to be perverted by this game.
Voices of reason rise over the chaos
But are quickly subdued
By carefully constructed rants scapegoating some group as a distraction
from their pellucid motives
of greed-disguised-as-security and social concern…
And in the end, survival never depended on this game
as Spiritual death occurred long before corporeal desiccation;
All for the want of an understanding that no one could offer, and the pursuit of a substitute for substance.
© 2010hawilcox

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