How can I trust a poet again
Knowing how seductive words can be
All of the things I yearn for in companionship
present themselves for my approval.
Perspectives painted with emotion
In lyrical vines that entwine
and climb and encroach
Upon the mind
Leading it to believe that those feelings are actually real
Romance at it’s peak
Teasing my mind with sweet phrases and rhyme
Painting delicious pictures of passion
In suggestions of hearts and bodies
Intertwined in shared secrets
And knowledge of
Things best left to imagination
Through this poet’s eyes
I see the tangible part of your soul
In the written word
And hear it
Through the mic
And connect with it
in my soul
But until I see
Those words put into action
I may be able to play and have fun
I’m afraid I can’t trust the
poets’ reality.

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