Soul-cialist Tendencies

I am amazed by how small my world seems,

when I focus on what’s wrong

Instead of what I can add to it

The realm of possibility

Is limited only by my own fallibilities and

My willingness to surrender my power to them

But I  look around and see an emerging culture

With a propensity for justice and awareness

Which feel right when I try them on

Like a perfect jacket, I feel the freedom to move about

While keeping me at a constant temper-ature

As I wait for kindred spirits to join the circle

So we can cast off our inhibitions together

And take the underground to a whole new level

Of Soul-cial consciousness and Individual expression…

Meanwhile, I seek out the beacons of art

To find those who see the world

Through real-eyes-ation

And embrace the darkness within

That teaches the lessons needed

For the light to shine through the strands of the web

That illuminates our community…

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