Shoot from the heart

Shoot from the heart/ not from the hip/

speaking in tongues/ instead of giving lip/

service to the truth/ that lies beneath the surface/

of the fantasies that feed/ the thoughts that make your reality/

subtle hints dropped by the media/ while the powers that be try to legislate morality/

in massive attempts/ to divert our attention/

with politics and violence/ and technological stimulation/

and the turbulence reflects/ an unsettled culture/

or the ego’s need for an audience /that has taken center-stage/

with a script taken from/ a ripped out, wrinkled page/

torn from the book of days/ bringing back concepts/

of fundamental needs/ like respect and reverence/

a respect for oneself and/ life in all it’s glory/

repeated time and again/ in the pages of his-and-herstory/

becoming that change/ we keep calling for in the community/

having the courage  to step up/ and become that revolutionary/

instead of hiding in obscurity/ prolific in profundity/

running from the safety/and power of solidarity/

repelled by the bitter taste of complicity/Stemming from the toxicity/

Of corporate lies and political publicity/just give me simplicity…

Wishing that I had a slow fuse/ so that I could lazily peruse/

The maze of possibilities/ that stem from creativity/

Going back to the start/ speaking the language of the heart…

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