Work in Progress

Sometimes a poem can take years to develop… sometimes they never do.  Left unfinished…

Differences found within detail and inference

Where the conceptual meets the spiritual

Creating a lyrical medium to disrupt the tedium

So your heart wants to linger on what your mind can’t put it’s finger on

Because the distractions lie in the noise of the factions

Defined by the opinions put into action by the minions

of the ones who place their security in materialism and facades of purity

But wait! That’s all of us- The common thread that defines humanity

Creating emergencies allowing us to emerge and see

This journey that offers invaluable and unconditional opportunities

To come back to the soul and rejoin the whole

And find that the diversity’s residence is in the infinite individual experiences

And delve into that myriad of ways we create to challenge where we place our praise

Until we come to a place, where we realize there is no race

And we look within our hearts, and go back to the start.

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