You call me Queen, but how am I to know what that means to you?

You hardly know me but for a night of magical connection with the universe.

I want to believe you, for you are as beautiful to me as the words you spoke to me that night.

A lifetime ago, I would have risked my heart for a night of such words- but that lifetime has passed, leaving me raw, but not broken.

I know how to connect to people, to see the beauty that is hidden deep within the stories and facades…

I can take the threads of lives that many find useless and weave them into Faerie tales.  But the true magic happens through journeys of the heart to understanding, fearless questioning, and compassionate listening.

Take a journey with me and I will gladly share my fruit along the path; but whisper empty words and I become another fantasy.

And no matter how long or short the path we take, Give Thanks with each breath and know your blessings.

شكرا جزيل حسين

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