Grounding Thoughts

April is National Poetry Month.  This year I will be posting raw, un-edited pieces throughout the month.  Here is today’s piece.

Sometimes, our pain is so great that the only way we can see the light of the human soul is to convince ourselves that we need to possess others to possess the light in ourselves.

Sometimes life is so stunning and overwhelmingly beautiful that we can’t help but take it in through short gasps.

Sometimes our soul mates aren’t romantic or life partners, but seasons that we share.

Sometimes our friends are family by proxy, while we have so little in common with whom we are related.

Sometimes the things and people we most desire or admire are unavailable.

Sometimes we find the best friends in the least likely places.

Sometimes we love the people who have hurt us the most, despite their actions.

Sometimes forgiveness stems from finding connection with those who have hurt us, and those whom we’ve hurt.

Sometimes, things are exactly as they seem, or as we expect them to be.

But all of the time, things are exactly what they are… no more, and no less.

©2017 HAWilcox

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