Two Poems

April is National Poetry Month.  This year I am posting raw, un-edited pieces throughout the month.  Here are today’s pieces.

Pandora’s Closet

There is a closet in the mind,

and when it gets too full of those all too human experiences

of joy, grief, desire, and frustration,

it all comes tumbling down as you open the door.

We train ourselves to trick our minds

into believing what we must to survive.

We survive better and faster

if we can take those problems out, and put them in a box

then put the boxes back on the shelf…

so when the boxes fall,

we know where to put whatever falls out,

and we can go on pretending that the human experience

can be contained.

©2017 HAWilcox


Starving Artist

The artist lives in a relative state of dissatisfaction

because they see the world as it could be,

and reality is too dreary or messy by comparison.

But the artist can create their own reality,

if at least for a brief moment,

to satisfy their hunger

for beauty and transformation…

Finding bliss

in the moments of insight

before new questions and experiences begin to form.

This is the fodder on which an artist must chew,

to sustain that pendulum swing

between survival and fulfillment.

©2017 HAWilcox

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