when was the last time you saw divinity
~the person on the corner, conversing with themselves
~your childhood enemy, whose bullying drove you to doubt your own strength
~your mother, trying to teach with guilt, because that was all she knew
~the person who devestated your world with a word, a decision, a gesture
~yourself, as you look to the world outside you for love

when was the last time you forgave
~best friend, for pointing out your fallabilities, your humanity
~child for the broken heirloom or the slammed door and most hated words… i hate you, get out of my life
~partner when they looked to someone else for romance or understanding
~father, who worked too hard to be a part of your life
~self for the times you killed a peice of a soul with angry words

when was the last time you listened
~a politicians’ convictions based on polls and promises based on private interests
~a preachers’ call for morality of an age that never was and stories too fantastic to be true
~a childs’ fib to avoid punishment or lack of acceptance (or just maybe a fantasy too good not to share)
~a grandparents stories of walking 20 miles in the snow to get to school (which was a privelege, by the way)
~your excuses for your poor performance of others’ expectations (or denial of your own dreams)

when was the last time you realized
~no story ever written wasn’t somehow based in truth;
~these stories belong to all of us
~rules were meant to guide; not to control
~love and hate are the same emotion; passion driven by beliefs of how things should be
~sometimes we need to break down; for we find our truth in our dreams as denial of them is exposed
~change doesn’t begin with fixing effects; it begins with looking at the original cause and changing the energy that created it…
©2005HAWilson All Rights Reserved

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