Status Quo

conventional wisdom passed down
like common sense that ain’t so common anymore
like spooky stories told around the campfire
nightly news carries on a sinister tabloid tradition
of exagerating the dangers that lurk in the dark
preying on the vulnerable, infirm and eager to follow
shaping our fears for a corporate takeover
with new and improved packaging to hold them at bay
brand-name clones of wholesome goods persist
redefining necessity and health to meet the needs of those who profit
suburbia transformed into ghettos
as the walls built to ignore an unwanted element
imprisons their progeny as their greed creates a culture of consumption and violence through the discovery of the illusion of success
a generation of mortgaged lives sanctioning the tragedy of the commons
proving the fallacy of the elusive american dream until it sheds it’s avarice
and is supplanted by a spiritual vision
©2005 by HAWilson All Rights Reserved

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