Back to Basics: A Poem to Foster Inner Peace

In Recognition of Peace Day, I finally took a moment to breathe and think about Peace in my own life. Being human, we sometimes create and experience chaos our lives; for myself, I come full circle to find that I had momentarily disconnected from Spirit. No group can experience peace until it’s members have experienced some level of inner peace. In reflecting upon my current circumstances, I had to recognize how I was perpetuating the lack of peace and own it so I could begin to heal. And of course, healing always begins with the basics:


Thought: Midwife between heart and form.
Word: Midwife between possibility and fruition.
Deed: Midwife between balance and illusion.

Thought: Perceptions of reality
Handed down
Diluted by the biases and experience of our elders
Word: Spoken, Written, Read and Agreed upon
Preganant with vision
Mediating circumstances and Birthing our future
Deed: The illusion of control personified
Marriage of Intent and Action
Consummating Karmic Return

I disconnect,
losing myself in the illusions of control and depravation,
forgetting that such polarization is the ultimate message that I’ve lost touch with my own creative potential.

For a while I seek what I know I cannot find outside myself, but blindly hope that the answer will be easier to accept if presented in a friendly way.

I stop.
I listen.
I feel.
and I breathe.

And realize that the chaos I experienced
was still an expression of Thought, Word and Deed
magnifying my power to create my circumstances
so that maybe I’d take notice of what I was doing.

While screaming and bright lights may distract,
they never fully capture my attention.
I listen and learn most from the confidence of stillness
and the security of silence.

I reconnect.
And consciously choose what
Thoughts, Words, and Deeds
I wish to breed, nurture, and disseminate

much as I wish to foster in my own Child.
inhale… for but a moment i challenge the limits of being exhale… surrender to the flow and wisdom of change letting go to the delicious adventure of connection, embracing the depths of all that has culminated into this fleeting instance of perfection… ©hawilcox2009

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