Poems of 2010


Choosing the terms of every interaction
Moment to moment I adjust and reconnect
Two worlds collide in a rapture of connection
To keep my balance I step back and reflect
Life’s lessons sweep down on me in a kaliedescope of memory
Each one giving it’s blessing to move on and be free
From the shackles that bound me in fear and insecurity
Releasing me to a world of promise and opportunity
I stand on the edge and spread my wings, ready to take the plunge
To let the thrill of free fall temporarily expunge
The memory of these bonds that drove my actions
An illusion of freedom that had me in traction
In one simple breath I find my ground
Reminding me to open my eyes and look around
and see how perception is the true guide
of my choices which drive my emotional tides
Exhale, surrender, let faith carry me higher
And when I land to meet you, I can truly inspire
The same light in you to grow and burn brighter
So you can take that leap to know your true purpose
And carry on life’s blessing of forgiveness.
Full Circle
As I move into my higher self
I am grateful for the miracles I create
As co-conspirator in error
I am driven to correct it, for the healing of more than I will ever see
From this place, as I prepare to speak truth
I feel the freedom of opportunity
I am the momentum
Of growth, of change, of vision
As I am the continuum
I Am That I Am

A lifetime ago I began to find my place
to know my own strength and power to create and grow
I found myself coming full circle in many relationships and events
finding healing, forging new relationships with myself and others
in a homecoming of sorts…
Today I find myself again at the precipice of opportunity
putting the lessons of then into practice now
coming full circle again to a place of wonder and trust
blessed to know the victory of faith in action
and eager to share it with you…

Shades of Blue
I can’t begin to know what your eyes have seen
But I do know the depth of many different shades of blue
I know the navy blue that comes with wielding power over others that I have no right to
I know the intensity of cobalt telling me to lash out when I need to cry
I know the soothing light blue of love holding me in its arms
I know the passion of violet that fuels the magic of creation
I know the seductive power of the smooth rolling flow of the pen and its ability to build up or destroy
I know the beauty of teals and how they accentuate and inspire everything in their midst
I know that the hidden depths of a clear blue sky obscure the pain of the emptiness beyond
I know that within the vastness of space, a tiny twinkling light to one person can be the source of life
Of an entire world
I know that within the deepest ocean, inhabitants can create their own light
I know the blues in my soul that once led me to believe that life wasn’t worth living became my greatest source of strength and compassion
And I know the royal blue of Kings and Queen building their own kingdoms within their own souls, and the beauty of them coming together to build and experience a greater appreciation of this spectrum.
Love is the only Salvation

Warning: this heart is under construction
Stepping out into the world and re-learning to function
Amidst the chaos and confusion
Created by the institution
While struggling to accept and express my emotion
In constructive ways that show my devotion
To the Brothers and Sisters in this revolution
Who creatively institute their own solution
My love ripples out in concentric circles of passion
Each wave stirs a soul and inspires action
Building a new kind of community focused on the creation
Of sustainable and positive forms of education
To pass on to the next precious generation
This, the highest form of Living Salvation


The light in your smile
the depth in your eyes
Brings me to knees
as I hear my heart cry
For the love and respect
we both so desperately need
makes me question which path
we need to take to succeed
More than anything I want to be
your friend first despite my attraction
to truly know and give that love and respect
I put it into action
by stepping back from my instincts
to seek a deeper connection
so the friendship we share will truly become
the embodiment of love and a celebration
of the One love that weaves through all of our lives
expression of Spirit in earthly form
acts of consciousness and grace
calming that inner storm
the hardens the hearts of men
in times of desperation and fear
sending promises of peace
to those willing to hear
that small voice calling out to the universe
asking for another heart to share this road
and find the beauty in all things
sacred to behold
so I speak from my heart
the highest of prayers
that we strive together to express
all that we can share
in the spirit of this power
we will strive to be
our deepest expression
of love’s testimony
– 2010


I can only open my existence of this life in a box/and this time I didn’t even have to pick the locks/ but my box consists of hatred, chain link, and a whole lot of bars/ and my bars confine the soul/ until I open my mind and begin the journey to become whole/ in my mind I see the potential/ aspiring to find the right balance of experience and action/ in stepping back I see how it all comes full circle/ as I continue to revolutionize my mind in a unique fashion/ it’s my personal passion that I reinvent that who is me/ do you like what you see/ it’s truly the essence of my creativity/ liberty through my genealogy creation of the spirit/ this heart so open to love now I need to open my ears to hear it/ this feeling so powerful/raw infectious/ spreading love and respect through the one that connects us/my love is so real that sometimes I am blinded / to the cold misery of those who need to be reminded/ of the truth, that force that spurs this revolution/ souls so empty yet full of the soulution/ held down by propaganda and pollution by the powers that be that’s in charge of the institutions/ what are you doing, I’ve just created a beast/ but I’ve also been defined as a beautiful masterpiece/ and this truth that flows in my veins and through my pen/ it stirs the same in you then your family and friends/my existence is the beat at the center of my heart/ which sparks the process to complete our evolution.
By the Convicted Poet and A Wilcox

© 2010hawilcox

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