Every little movement
tells a story
of how you buy your time
with token acts of gratitude
and empty words of wisdom…
Wisdom only comes from experience,
otherwise, it’s just letters arranged
on some random page
in a book or on your lips,
doesn’t matter…
I can listen to the message
and leave the mess and the messenger behind
with a blessing even,
because I too have been there
and I know that nothing I share
will be heard
unless you want to hear it.
So I bid you good bye, and a good life
and all the blessings that I would wish for myself
because somewhere in that soul
is a man crying out
reaching out
for understanding
for love
for an opportunity…
There is a mind
that comprehends the mysteries
of creation, salvation and interconnection,
but a life that hasn’t experienced these
will continue to feel the shackles
of conviction of the Spirit,
until it reaches out with compassion and humility
and though I have been there myself,
I cannot help you through it.                                                                                              No one, but a man that you respect
can show you this I can only have compassion
for the soul that builds it’s own bars;
for having broken my own down
does not make me immune
to recreating them
by catering to an ego
that matches my own.
Neither am I better than you… 
only dangerous
to your growth and purpose
for I have given whatever I could,
and must live with my own choices…
because it takes two
to create this kind of fantasy
and now find my freedom in reality
and in my prayers for those I must leave behind…
© 2010hawilcox

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