Grace in Retrospect

I never once thought that I would end up back in this place
now I’m asking myself when did this journey within become a race?
a race to enlightenment is like swimming across a desert
a self defeating purpose that only serves to subvert
the wisdom gained from lessons learned in life’s inherent struggles
the test we find within the game as we learn to juggle
the gifts of talent, love and time with the demands of livelihood
but most of all the fallacy of that insidious concept of “should”
so I watch myself move through each situation and choice
and see the times that i choose to heed that still, small, quiet voice
of inspired intuition telling me how to proceed
and find my center in my willingness to concede
personal responsibility in every obstacle and challenge
and clear the path for personal integrity and balance
turning backward movement into lessons that propell me forward
and come full circle to the path that leads me toward
full appreciation of life, love, grace and sanity
and the expression of Spirit that we know as Humanity. 

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