A little soul searching in the dark…

Wandering through the maze of hurt and fear

To get back to the wisdom of my soul

Tearing down walls of illusions

Built to protect me from what I feared most

To find that the pain I was running from

‘twas fear itself,

of myself

For all my desire to fully feel

A passion as strong as the pain that I’ve known

And the security of knowing that I’ll find myself


On the other side

When I rediscover that trust                                              

Is to follow the messenger called pain

To it’s source

And find the truth obscured by the

Labyrinth that once saved me

From another’s fear…



Shortsighted, can’t see beyond self

Except for our reflections in others

Selfish anger and prideful fear ricochet

Hitting the ego squarely in it’s face

But going deeper

Opportunity surfaces

Through humility

And shines brightest

When lifted up

For Grace

To work the highest purpose of all

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