Walk Away (Work in Progress)

Wrap your arms around me one more time~ I need to feel that your heart’s not in it

Ask me how I feel then start talking about your life~ I need to know that I’m no longer part of it

What will it take for me to let you go, What will it take for me to stop this pain I’m creating?

Look at me with those doe brown pools for eyes~  I need to know that they can’t see the depths I wanted to share

Tell me one more time just how big your heart is~ I need to remember that it left when I needed it to be there

What will it take, for me to let you go?  Why is so much harder to love myself than you?

Walk away one more time, so I can see you leaving~Get in your car and drive away, so I can finish weeping

Because your presence here has been swept away by a new start~ and I know what it takes to mend this broken heart

It ain’t about you boy, though at times I seem to miss~ The deceiving comfort of ignorance’s bliss

It’s about this heart, broken time and again~ This heart still willing to try again

It’s about purpose, and finding my truth~ It’s about blessings, and faith without proof

It’s about all that was taken, when I was so young~ and giving it to myself, the time has begun

To live and love more than I ever dreamed~ To live and breathe, having been given a reprieve

So now it’s time to let go, time to walk away~ to say what I feel and know I’ll be okay

For this moment, I live to love myself…..

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