April 2014 Poem-A-Day first few

April is National Poetry Month, and every year, many of my poet friends (and sometimes I) write a poem per day to prompts.  These are un-edited in their raw form.  Sometimes they turn out great, sometimes I shake my head and wonder what I was thinking later on, but they always keep my brain churning…

If it hadn’t been for the bones,

I wouldn’t know where my closet was.

Last time I stuffed a skeleton in there

I ate all the breadcrumbs from my trail…




To be removed from the troubles of everyday life

one must be desensitized to love.

For falling in love is to respond and protect

that which is sacred to you.

I do not wish to be desensitized,

I wish to champion my fears and your insecurities

with the passion invoked by love.



When you have given away your heart to another,

and it is broken into pieces,

they take that piece with them.

The only way to fill that space

is with new pieces of yourself…

In the end, your love will fill the hole

and you will be mended.


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