Journey Through a Rare Summer Rain

A Walk in the Rain


Did you know birds sing to the rain a sweeter song than their morning salutations?

How many times must we search for home before we realize that we’ve always been there, no matter the form in which it shows up?

The first blossoms of summer intertwine with the last blossoms of spring as summer enters through the back door.

Can we find Sangha in Solitude? Oh yes, for we are truly never alone, regardless how far we go to hide.

The rain parts to let me move between and amongst the drops while thorns try to catch me, but release on their own.

When lost, stop and take a picture before continuing to explore.

A few more steps, then a break to look and listen deeper.

And know that disappointment and satisfaction can peacefully coexist.

Did you know that over a slow walk, one will sweat out their excess passion long kindled in the spirit?

© 2015


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