Healing a Broken Heart

The heart is a muscle.
No matter ho many ways you
cut it
grind it
chew it
break it down
It comes back as nourishment
for new strength.

Those who know the deepest pain
have not only had their own hearts broken,
but have broken their own hearts
long before breaking those of others

But somehow
while digesting the remnants of their own hearts
They gave themselves the opportunity
Over and over again to reconcile.

But, the heart is a muscle.
It must be exercised,
or it atrophies.

Prayer Love Nurturing
exercises the Heart at rest

Responsibility Work Creativity
make it strong.

So we can weather the storms
by dancing between the raindrops and splashing in the puddles

And we can be peace and justice
with our truth as well as our common threads and unique light.
© 2015

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