Every ray of morning sun is a promise

just beginning to discover itself…

and every sunset, a passionate tribute of that promise fulfilled.

We go through life, trying to catch our breath,

holding on, pushing harder…

yearning, reaching, grasping,


to quench our desire

in the bottomless well

of a human heart.

Every tear is made of crystals of truth

yearning to be set free.

And in every constellation,

lies the inspiration

of legacy and the fates.

Every moonbeam is a reflection of that promise,

allowing us to exhale…

to let go,

of desire’s grasp on the soul,

shedding light on the love that never leaves

when the world changes faster than the seasons can blink.

Each day is a new dance between the sun and moon…

And those shafts of light from the heavens

remind us

that the promise we seek is realized

when we are grateful for what we already have.



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