Shifting from productivity and efficiency to deep integration of lessons, successes and experience gleaned from these past few years.

Humbled by the presence of a mirror, where once stood a brick wall

raw emotion reflects a culmination of lessons and answers to lifelong questions

as I retreat into the deafening silence of solitude to explore my inner world and release archaic beliefs and other projections that I mistakenly assumed were my own.

Letting go of expectations and desires to make room for the creative power of speaking my truth, regardless of the outcome.

In a world where double-speak, hidden meaning, and the panoptic lens of social media demand our loyalty in 280-character soundbytes and memes, I find my center by stepping away from the desire to be seen, understood, accepted by others and instead seek these from myself.

I find my center in writing, and when that fails, in music.  For music allows for the movement of ineffable emotions within me… allowing them to breathe and embody the wholeness of that raw place.

Writing helps to sort through experience and organize it into articulation, where oratory expression alone simply bleeds out my pain without the ability to staunch the wounds.

The pen provides just enough of a break between thought and expression to allow for that infinitesimal shift in trajectory… for questions to form, for critical thought, for new perceptions and means to assert these.

From this place of vulnerability, I find my power… exposing my truth and marrying it to my experience, transforming lessons into blessings.

w.i.p. © Del Wilcox 2019

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