Two new expressive arts works and new page.

Here are two new expressive art pieces… both mixed media collage with poetry.  Poetree at Dawn… Grounding Thoughts, and Poetree at Dusk… Peace.

I have created a new page for this site for my expressive arts pieces here.

Poems that accompany these pieces posted below:

Grounding Thoughts

Sometimes, our pain is so great that the only way we can see the light of the human soul is to convince ourselves that we need to possess others to possess the light in ourselves.

Sometimes life is so stunning and overwhelmingly beautiful that we can’t help but take it in through short gasps.

Sometimes our soul mates aren’t romantic or life partners, but seasons that we share.

Sometimes our friends are family by proxy, while we have so little in common with whom we are related.

Sometimes the things and people we most desire or admire are unavailable.

Sometimes we find the best friends in the least likely places. Sometimes we love the people who have hurt us the most, despite their actions.

Sometimes forgiveness stems from finding connection with those who have hurt us, and those whom we’ve hurt.

Sometimes, things are exactly as they seem, or as we expect them to be.

But all of the time, things are exactly what they are… no more, and no less.



Peace is the flow of breath…

the inhalation of potential, energy, and new ideas…

the exhalation of acceptance, surrender,

and a promise to improve upon our next endeavors.

Peace is neither effortless nor a task,

but a way of being

despite the circumstances around, or even within, us.

It isn’t about stepping out of our mind

and avoiding what we don’t want to face

but stepping into our minds and using curiosity and empathy to confront our fears.

It’s a moment of surrender to what is,

regardless of what we desire,

for it is the very thing we seek through our desires.

Peace has no specific purpose or agenda… it simply is.

And we find it not through what we do,

but through how we choose to be.




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