A new concept expressive arts piece

Here is a new expressive arts piece based on the theme of swirling thoughts.  This piece is a mixed media collage with 3 poems, below.

Please visit my expressive arts page here.81297362_10157950710964675_5130232933495341056_n


Questions swirl in my mind
Challenging beliefs
Digging deeper
To resurrect the ghosts in my own soul
And purge those things
With which I hold myself back.
Einstein said that when the solution is simple, God is answering
I silently wish for the bliss of knowing something so deeply that I don’t need to learn the lesson again…
I appear to be the most ignorant person I know,
because I keep stacking the same issues in the same closet until they all fall down
when I open the door.
Until I hit my knees,
brutally honest and lacking agenda…
I step once again
Into the sphere of my own potential
Where light casts no shadows
And surrender
Is the only true victory.


Some days we feel helpless
against the tide of lists and details
which plague our existence
our livelihoods
our thoughts
Needing to create order
to induce a sense of control
Order is a neurotic symptom
and control an illusion…
There must be a point on this spectrum
where my need for these is sated
Where the routines and constants
that enable the quiet contentment in the soul
are not disrupted
even as the world rushes by
or as we run to catch that bus headed for success
Where we can sit
right where we are
and start with whatever is right in front of us
and make order
of that place in the universe
which we occupy
in any given moment.

Pandora’s Closet

There is a closet in the mind,
and when it gets too full of those all too human experiences
of joy, grief, desire, and frustration,
it all comes tumbling down as you open the door.
We train ourselves to trick our minds
into believing what we must to survive.
We survive better and faster
if we can take those problems out, and put them in a box
then put the boxes back on the shelf…
so when the boxes fall,
we know where to put whatever falls out,
and we can go on pretending that the human experience
can be contained.

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