When we connected, I could see all that I hold precious in life

reflected in your eyes.

The ineffable waves that wash over our souls through lifes challenges,

the tenderness that fuels the drive to keep moving forward,

sometimes slogging, sometimes forging new roads.

The depths of a childs wonder that couldn’t be erased by the years,

the grief that reminds us of the fragile balance

that is the strength in vulnerability;

the courage in choosing to love again;

the grace of letting go;

the passion of conviction despite our fears;

the trials of choosing to love when life is at its’ hardest.

and letting go when we need to love ourselves first.

My heart is full of gratitude for that connection,

how it informed my own vision

of who I want to be,

how I show up,

how I hold space

for myself,

for others,

as the tides flow in and out.

©2021 Del Phoenix-Wilcox

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