The Hole in the Wall

I’ve spent my life needing, crying out, to be seen…

I didn’t realize that I was the one hiding

until I knocked out a few bricks of my wall and watched the world fly by me through the hole,

and wondered why I had been holding myself back.

So I swept the cobwebs out of my mind and invited the skeletons in my closet to dance.

I ventured out, ready to play, and jumped in the game where I saw I might fit.

I played, I cried, I laughed, I worked, and played some more.

But one wall remained until I heard a knock; 

When I broke down the bricks to see what was behind it, I felt seen and understood, and I began to open up.

What I didn’t know was that we could only meet each other as far as our experiences could merge… the rest could only be appreciated, or at least respected.

But somehow, what wasn’t seen by another, was more visible to me than ever before.

The hole in the wall that was left when we parted ways,

is under reconstruction…

Adding a window and a door so I can watch who and what is coming up the walk,

before I choose how far to let them in,

and know that I can choose to step out of that room when I am done with it.

©2021 Del Phoenix-Wilcox

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