Mystery is not about travelling to new places but looking with new eyes~ Marcel Proust

In dreams, we can change the story.  They are a reflection of many different facets of our selves.

For dreams bring to light, that which we prefer to hide in the darkest closets and corners we can find, whether those things we wish to hide stem from desire, fear, or both.

Dreams illuminate our deepest fears, help us make sense of the curiosities of life, and breathe life in to our innermost desires.

Sometimes dreams are prophetic.  Sometimes they are a conduit for those who have moved on to the next stage of being.  Sometimes they torture us with our past.  Sometimes they show us the whimsy and delight that sustains our souls.

But they all have one thing in common… each contains a lesson, teaching us to trust our intuition and listen to our soul.

Dreams of people who have showed up on our doorstep upon awakening.  PTSD nightmares that don’t end even upon awakening.  Recurring dreams that wake us, which can be changed upon going back to sleep. Loved ones who have passed saying last goodbyes and occasional hellos.  Books that have been and will be written.  Former and future loves.  Knowing we will be there for certain loved ones until the end.  Leaving a kid in the car seat on top of the car and driving away.  Showing up at school and work naked.  Flying.  Falling.  Getting back up.

I’ve had all of these.  I’ll bet you have too…

All beautifully human.  All beautifully flawed.  All beautifully vulnerable.

In dreams, we can change the story, or leave it just the way it is… just the way we are.




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