Rough Draft

April is National Poetry Month.  This year, I will be posting raw, un-edited pieces throughout the month.  Here is todays piece.

Today he needs a place to unload the burdens he has silently borne
a wild release, a bit of humor, a race to nowhere
To know his place among his peers
where he can be proud of those things for which the world holds little esteem
to know his place in his own castle,
neither king, servant, duke, jester or knight…
but partner with the people and piece of the world, which he chooses to call community.
Today she needs someone to love her
to hold her, to tell her it’s ok
Today she needs quiet connection, rest, and a bit of nature
to soothe her mind and allow the storm that’s been brewing within
to erupt in all its glory and subside naturally
Today she needs to take care of herself
and allow others to give her a bit of what she gives daily.
Today they need a place where their tears are not questioned or demonized
but allowed to arrive at their own answers as they fall
Today they need to know that living fully is not the absence of pain or loss
but the journey of navigating both and finding laughter and joy at their core.
Today they need a place where they can redefine the meaning of life for themselves.

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